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Roundup - June 2023

So, June came around and things really heated up. It seems that the quiet of May wasn't to stay for long. That's a good thing though, us Councillors are paid to do the role. We should earn it.

June started off with me being elected as the new Chairman of the Places Committee. This is one of the council's main scrutiny bodies. I've outlined my plans for the committee in a recent blog.

The parking permit saga continued, with the Leader giving changing stories on what went on. I've asked the Leader to share the findings of an investigation that was carried out. I await a reply. I will continue to push on this matter, the price rise was scandalous. I've uncovered that over 1500 residents needed refunds!

The Data Centre also took front and centre of a lot of people's minds, as the Council announced plans to fast-track it through planning. I've also launched a campaign asking the council to re-run it's consultation on selling Romford's car parks.

Residents did not get a say, but the council is planning to sell Angel Way, Como St, and Slaney Way car parks to a developer that they own.

Throughout June I've also continued my work to make people proud of Romford. I've fought against fly-tipping, cheered new businesses opening, and welcomed the arrival of a new Litter Enforcement Team to the town.

There are some fantastic community events planned for July, so scroll to the bottom to find out more.

I'm proud to live in Romford, I hope you can say the same. If not yet, soon!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out.

Councillor David Taylor


Planning Concerns

The planned site of a future bungalow

I recently objected to a local planning application, which proposed a large bungalow in the back garden of the post office on Hainult Rd. It is my view that this site is unsuitable. It would mean the removal of large, mature, trees and therefore impact existing resident privacy.

The plans also meant that the future residents would have windows looking straight onto fences. This isn't the sort of housing we need to build.

I'm pleased to say that planning permission was denied.


The Data Centre - A treasure Island?

Havering's Leader, Ray Morgon (HRA), recently described the planned Data Centre as a 'treasure island'. He implied that it would create thousands of jobs and bring £millions into the borough.

I was, until recently, a part of the Strategic Planning Committee. During my questioning of the applicants, I uncovered that the jobs figures would be closer to a few dozen. It also became clear that the planned 'green energy generation' wouldn't be on this site, they are relying on neighbours to apply for permission and to install solar farms.

This is a huge concern to me and, more concerning, is that the administration have revealed they are considering fast-tracking the application. The process may mean less strict planning conditions.

Read my update on the application, and a summary of my findings.


The HRA are planning to sell 3 of Romford's main car parks. Angel Way, Como Street, and Slaney Way.

The plans are to sell the car parks to Mercury Land Holdings, a property developer that the council own 75% of. This is the same developer who will be buying and developing the massive Bridge Close site.

A public consultation was run, but it had no promotion. Except for a notice on a lamp post and on page 50 of the Romford Recorder.

I argue that the public consultation should be re-run, so the public can have their say. In the run up to the local elections, the HRA 'warned' the public that Conservatives planned to sell off greenbelt and car parks. Were they inspired?

Read my update on the car parks and sign my petition, which will be presented to the council on July 12th.


My Pay

If you've been following me for long, you may be aware that I'm the only UK politician who publishes their pay slip in full. I do this because I believe that it is your money and you should know where it goes.

The publicly available information is too limited. You can't see what I take home, you can see what I pay in tax, and you can't see the hidden costs such as National Insurance.

I've recently published my June payslip, where I also go into detail about an increase in my pay due to being elected Chairman of a committee.


What's On In Romford

We live in a fantastic town with a lot going on, so here's a few highlights.

New Philippino restaurant Tilaw By Franco has opened in the Quadrant Arcade. It's a fantastically authentic Philippino restaurant, that serves our town's increasing SE. Asian community.

I recently went to one of their live music nights.

You can find them on Facebook, to see all their latest events, HERE

Celebrate the Streets!

Romford's biggest summer event is back, running from July 7th to 9th in the market place. Events will include free live music, dance, a children's circus, and street food!

On Sunday, between 10am and 6pm, there will be a huge selection of kids’ activities happening in Market Place including meet and greet characters, balloon modellers and magicians. A carnival procession made up of the local community will roam the town

View more about what's going on HERE

YMCA Orchestra

Did you know Romford did live orchestras?

The YMCA have another of their brilliant charity orchestra nights on 9th July. The programme includes The Sound of Music, Pirates of Penzance, and Fantasia.

Last time was packed, so to get your tickets ring Alexandra on 07941 008 278

Greener Living Fair

The Mercury Mall is hosting a sustainable lifestyle fair on 15th July from 11-3pm. This will include free family activities and information on how we can all do more to help our planet.


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