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1. Publish all expenses

Expenses Promise.png

Transparency is important. Politics is full of a lot of money and it's not all clear where it goes. 

Havering Council does publish Councillor's expenses but they're hard to find. I'll self-publish on this site, opening myself to scrutiny.

2. In person surgeries

Surgeries Promise.png

Zoom is great, phones are wonderful, but there is nothing like face to face interaction to hold someone accountable and to tell your story. 

I think every councillor should be holding monthly, in person, surgeries as a minimum. 


3. Meeting summaries

Meeting Promise.png

Do you know what your Councillor said or did in their meetings? 

Local Government is full of committees, meetings, votes and so on. Havering Council is good in that they broadcast most major meeting, but it isn't always clear as to who said what and when.

Finding out what your Councillor said or did should be easy. 

That's why I promise to write a summary of every major meeting and vote that I attend.

4. Walking the ward

Walk the ward Promise.png

I am in St Edward's every day, I am truly local. 

This means that I know the area and I can be proactive in discovering the issues that need resolving. 

If elected as your Councillor, I'll personally walk the ward as least once a week. I'll be proactive, I won't just sit back and wait for you to tell me what's wrong.


5. Regular resident surveys

Survey Promise.png

Being a Councillor is about representing the residents. It's about hearing them and what they think on issues. 

I am a big believer in democracy and equipping people to engage in it. 

That's why, if elected as your Councillor, I'll run regular resident surveys on key issues. I'll also run regular surveys on my performance, allowing you to feedback on what you'd want me to do differently.  

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