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St Edward's Ward

St Edward's ward is a new ward for Romford. 

Named after the historic parish church of St Edward's, it sits in the very centre of our town.

The ward stretches from Gidea Park in the East, through to Lower Mawneys and the A12 in the West. It incorporates our market square, high street and The Brewery shopping centre. 

Once regenerated, the Waterloo Estate will also fall in the ward. 

St Edward's elected 3, Conservatives, Councillors at the May 2022 elections.

St Edwards Church.PNG
Ward Map_edited.png
About Me

I grew up in a small Oxfordshire town, famed for it's historic market and brewery. It was a great place to grow up but it wasn't a great place for building a career. ​My first move, aged 17, was to Leeds where I worked in a call-centre. This was followed by a move to London, to work in hotels before I finally got stuck in to a career in charity communications. 

I've worked for one of the world's largest disaster relief agencies, worked for an organisation that represents faith groups to government, and am now working for a housing association. 

Whilst my parents often struggled to pay the bills, I benefitted from a strong community around us. This gave me stability and opportunity and I am dedicated to ensuring everyone receives the same. I believe that strong communities provide better answers than politicians.

I can't stand waste. I have no interest in a political career and I believe in radical transparency. (Watch this space)

My priorities are to the residents first and my party second, before myself. 

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