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My Pay: June 2023

Let's start by being very honest and transparent here. I've been awarded a large pay rise in my role as a Councillors.

I was recently elected as Chairman of the Places Overview and Scrutiny Sub Committee. This position comes with an annual salary of £7500, which will be paid on top of my salary as a Councillor of £10,412. This makes me total income, pre-tax, as being £17,912. This is a significant pot of taxpayer's money.

It's my view that I must work to earn that, so, I have already outlined how I will be running the committee. This includes plans to increase resident engagement. You can read my plans on the link below.

Given the significant amount that I am receiving, I have also set up a regular monthly gift to a local charity that I support.

My June pay

My total pay for June, pre-tax, was £1633.80. This breaks down as follows;

- £ 867.67 for my role as a Councillor

- £ 625.00 for my role as Chairman

- £141.13 as backdated pay for my role as Chairman (Elected towards the end of May)

Removing the £141.13 in backdated pay, my monthly salary will be £1492.67.

I paid a total of £326.80 in tax and £70.30 in National Insurance contributions. The council also pay National Insurance contributions on every councillors pay.This financial year they have paid £151.12 for me.

These NI contributions are important to highlight. When you go online and look at what a Councillor is paid, you are not seeing the full cost of a Councillor to the taxpayer. The reality is that each councillor can cost the taxpayer £1500 a year more than what the council website states as their salary.

This is why publishing my payslip matters. #RadicalTransparency

Earning the wage

I am acutely aware that this uplift in my wage makes me one of the highest paid Councillors, who isn't in the Cabinet (they get a total of £35,000 a year). As far as I'm concerned, it means I must also be one of the hardest working, most visible, and most engaged.

I want you, as residents, to hold me to account in my role as a Councilor and Chairman. This is why I have a permanent feedback survey running. Residents can rate me out of 10 (not on looks!), tell me where I need to do better, and give me positive feedback if they wish. I then publish this information on my blog (people remaining anonymous if they wish).

Please take the time to leave feedback.




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