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Press Release: Councillor Publishes End of Year Tax Record


06 May 2024



Councillor David Taylor has published his tax-records (p60) for his role as a Havering Councillor, calling for greater transparency around political finances.


Councillor David Taylor promised, before being elected, that he would publish every pay-slip he receives relating to his role as a Havering Councillor. 2 years into the role and he has achieved this for every payslip received. At the end of each year, Councillor Taylor also publishes his tax-records for the role.

The published records show that Councillor Taylor was paid a total of £16,803.13 last year, paying £3360.60 in taxes. The pay consists of a basic for the role of Councillor as well as an additional allowance for the role of Chairman of the Places Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee.

Last month, Councillor Taylor revealed that Havering Council have paid over £1000 a year in Employer National Insurance contributions, relating to his role. This figure is not published on the council’s website, meaning that the true cost of a councillor is higher than what is publicised. Over 1100 people visited Councillor Taylor’s website, last month, to view the figures.

Employer National Insurance contributions are paid by every employer in the UK but, Councillor Taylor argues, many people don’t realise that Councillors count as Havering Employees in this situation. Councillors do not receive any pension contributions and do not pay into a pension scheme through the council.


Councillor Taylor said;

“Politics needs to clean up its reputation when it comes to finances. Scandal after scandal has shown that. From MPs using campaign funds to “pay bad men” through to a lack of transparency around pay and expenses.

A lot has been done to improve the situation over the last decade, but I think we need to go further.

My residents are my employer, they pay me and they want to know that I am earning that pay. By publishing my payslips in this way, along with revealing my taxes, I am showing them where their taxes are going.

It is not enough to simply have a one-line figure written on a council website. This does not tell the full-story, such as with Employer National Insurance contributions.

Across the UK political world we need radical transparency. No more vague expenses claims and the proper publishing of pay details.

As long as I am elected, I will continue to publish my payslips in full”






David Taylor

Phone: 07878 132 549Email:


Further Details:

Cllr Taylor’s Monthly pay is usually £1492.67. This is made up of £867.67 for the role of a Councillor and £625.00 for the role as Chairman of a sub-committee.

Tax home pay is usually £1149.60.


View payslips:

February and March (including Employer NI contributions information) My Pay: Feb & March '24 (




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