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My Pay: Feb & March '24

Payslips for Feb and March are very much the same as usual, and they represent the end of the financial year of 2023/2024 (I shall publish the relevant tax information once received).

Let's start with the monthly figures, then the annual ones.

My monthly is much the same, £867.67 as the basic amount for being a Councillor and £625.00 for the additional responsibility of Chairman for the Places Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee. This translates, after tax, to a takehome pay of £1149.60. I paid £343.07 in tax and National Insurance.

On to the annual, and this includes a figure you are not usually told about.

My total Gross (pre-tax) pay year to date is £16803.17

I paid £523.87 in National Insurance

I paid £3360.60 in PAYE taxes

But, this is not the only payments that are made. Like every other UK employer, Havering Council pays National Insurance contributions for 'employing me'. This, year to date, amounts to £1063.54.

That £1063.54 figure is important, because it doesn't appear in the public information on the council website. Given that they pay N.I contributions for every Councillor, there could be tens of thousands of pounds paid that you don't know about.

N.I employer contributions are not unusual, in fact they are legal. But, this goes to show why I feel we should be more transparent. This is a hidden cost.




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