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Where are Havering's ULEZ Cameras?

Updated: May 1, 2023

A few months ago, I submitted an FOI request to Havering Council (LBH). My request was for a copy of correspondence between TFL and LBH relating to ULEZ.

A bit of back and forth drama, including me complaining to the Information Commissioner's Office, and I've got my reply.

You may find some of the information quite interesting. Especially if you want to know where TFL are installing the cameras in Havering. In April MyLondon reported that TFL were not willing to give the locations of the cameras.

I've put the documents from my FOI reply below, for all to see.

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So what did I find?

Havering's Section 8 Negotiations.

For those not following, the Section 8 was an agreement between LBH and TFL regarding the installation of ULEZ signs and cameras.

If signed, LBH would be giving TFL permission to install the equipment.

TFL were clear, however, that LBH did not have to consent. If the agreement wasn't signed, TFL would just crack on with the job.

As late as mid-January, TFL were still negotiating over the Section 8. Emails show LBH asking for some more information before they were to sign it. This is much later than other London boroughs, which the BBC reported Sutton and Harrow has already ruled out signing in January.

So, LBH was somewhat slower than other Boroughs in saying "no" to TFL. This was despite me calling on Labour and the HRA to oppose ULEZ from as far back as July.

Why were they dragging their heels?

Havering has a lot of cameras.

Despite TFL refusing to disclose location of cameras, according to the BBC, their letter to LBH outlines the location they will be installing signs and letters.

If I've read the document correctly, there are 79 cameras around Havering. That feels like an awful lot.

I'll put all of the FOI documents below. But, here is the document that includes the camera locations (on page 6/7).

Camera Locations
Download PDF • 156KB

All released documents

My specific FOI request was for all emails between LBH and TFL, including any from the Leader (Ray Morgon).

My request was declined at first. I then appealed with the Information Commissioner's Office. They ordered LBH to reply and I was provided with the below documents.

For ease, I have merged all the received PDFs into one long file.

This FOI is now considered closed. However, I have one more outstanding.

Let me know what you have found!

Why not share this FOI with Stop-ULEZ campaigners in other boroughs, so they can find the camera locations in their boroughs.

FOI Merged
Download PDF • 7.47MB


Jul 09, 2023

We have most of the cameras plotted on Julie's ULEZ map.

We take new / dead camera updates from Fbook 'ulez Camera locations'

Happy Spotting




Apr 30, 2023

These cameras are on quiet residential roads with no major roads anywhere near them, clearly pay-per-mile is coming


Apr 30, 2023

Has anyone checked the details about Schedule 23 of the GLA Act 1999 to see if this is actually true? I don't believe a word they or HMG says😡

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