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Waterloo Estate: A Letter

With over 300 Havering families living in hotels or B&Bs, I am disappointed that the Waterloo estate remains a pile of gravel.

Initially paused due to government legislation, sites such as this have since been given permission to be constructed.

I have written to the Chief Executive of Wates and the Leader of Havering Council, asking them to progress plans for the site.

A copy of my letter is below.

Waterloo Estate Letter 080124
Download PDF • 248KB

Text of the letter




Dear Cllr Ray Morgon (Havering Council)  and Mr Eoghan O’Lionaird (Wates)

I am writing to express my concern that Romford’s Waterloo Estate redevelopment remains on pause. The site was due to deliver us some much-needed social homes and now sits as a pile of gravel, incurring security costs and becoming a blight on the town.


The redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate was announced with a fanfare in 2019 and demolition work began in May 2021. Residents were displaced across the borough and a community divided. Work came to a halt when the government announced new building safety regulations, regarding two staircases being required in certain blocks. The pause being understandable.


However, since July 2023, developers have been able to progress on single staircase blocks as part of a 30-month transition period. A period that comes to an end in January 2026.  Secretary of State, Michael Gove, also clarified that such buildings would be considered safe.


With the above announcement in mind, I am disappointed that there is still no clear plan to begin work on the Waterloo estate. Instead, Romford is left with a town-centre location left appearing abandoned. This not only gives a bad first impression on arriving to Romford, it also sends the wrong signal to the 300+ families we currently have living in hotels and B&Bs.


I am writing to urge you to progress plans to restart work on the site, to deliver the homes Romford needs. This will give us confidence that Wates and Havering Council have not given-up on the site.


Should you be willing to meet on this issue, it would be most appreciated.


Kind Regards.

Councillor David Taylor | Romford



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