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Press Release: Romford Councillor Praises Town Centre Police


22ND MARCH 2023


Councillor David Taylor has hailed Romford’s town centre policing team as relentlessly heroic, after spending St Patrick’s Day night with the team. Taylor’s praise of the team comes as the policing team continue Project Vigilant, targeted at reducing violence against women and girls.

Romford’s Town Centre policing team have been focusing on reducing violence against women and girls across Romford. Project Vigilant targets predatory behaviour, linking up with bars and clubs, and working closely with the council funded Response Team.

Councillor Taylor described what he witnessed, during his police ride-along, as relentlessly heroic.

“When you witness, first hand, the huge amount of work that these men and women do, you can’t be anything other than immensely grateful.

With limited resources, and a huge night-time economy to police, the team were non-stop. They risked themselves, to protect those enjoying St Patrick’s day. They were relentlessly heroic.”

Responding to claims that people rarely see the police, Taylor asks residents to consider that a plan clothed presence is often on the streets.

“The police on our streets are not just the police you see, Project Vigilant also utilises highly-trained plain-clothed officers. I’ve seen, first-hand, that they are making a difference.

If you don’t see high-vis police on patrol, it’s likely they’ve just made an arrest and are processing the prisoner. That’s something to cheer.”

Councillor Taylor also referenced the council funded Response Team and CCTV, calling for continued investment and improvements.

“The decision by the last administration, to invest into our CCTV and fund a response team, was absolutely the right one. I’m pleased that the new coalition has continued this.

The team were instrumental in highlighting predatory behaviour to the police, including directing them to individuals who could have slipped the net due to low policing numbers.

I was particularly impressed to see nightclubs hand people over to the police, who were then able to carry out arrests.

I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again, I’m proud of Romford.”.

Havering Council is putting the finishing touches to it’s CCTV refresh plan, something Taylor says is much needed.

“The quality of the CCTV just isn’t good enough, yet. This much needed upgrade will go a long way to making our streets safer. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to shadow our police for the night. It’s given me a huge amount of confidence in our local team and given me the certainty that they are a positive difference to our town.”





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