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Press Release: Giving Residents a Vote

Romford Councillor Gives Residents A Vote in Tory Leadership Contest

29th July 2022 for immediate release


Councillor David Taylor has announced that he will be giving residents a say in the upcoming Conservative Leadership elections, polling residents to guide his vote.

The resignation of Boris Johnson led to a wide field of Conservative MPs putting themselves forward to be Leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister. The field has been slimmed down to two candidates in Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss and Conservative Party members will be asked to vote for their new Leader by September 5th.

“This is a huge decision to make”, Taylor said. “Whilst I have the immense privilege of being able to cast my vote, I want to be guided by my residents on who I back.”

The Conservative Party has around 180,000 members, meaning that just 0.002% of the UK will have a say in who becomes the next Prime Minister.

Cllr Taylor has said that he has no preference between the two remaining candidates, with his preferred choice not making the final two.

“I was really encouraged by some of the candidates in the earlier stages of the ballot. But the final two leave me unsure about who I’d back. Both held prominent roles in Boris Johnson’s Government, both have track records in high office.”

As to what Cllr Taylor is looking for in the next Leader and Prime Minister, Taylor said; “The number one thing we need to see is radical transparency and honesty. There have been too many scandals, rumours of scandals and denial of scandals. The Conservative Party needs to get a grip and clean it’s act up.

We also need a strong leader who has a vision for the country and will work hard to make that vision a reality. Boris did well at delivering Brexit, standing up for Ukraine, and handling the vaccine roll-out. The next leader must show the same drive in tackling the cost-of-living crisis, delivering net-zero, and fixing the NHS”.

We also need a PM who understands that Romford cannot be left behind in the Levelling-Up agenda. We can’t be seen as just another part of London and we need targeted support from Central Government. Not everything controlled by the GLA and Mayor of London”.

Residents will be able to cast their vote by visiting





David Taylor

Phone: 07878 132 549 Email:


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