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Press Release: Cllr Welcomes New Funding For Havering



4th April 2023


Councillor David Taylor has welcomed the government’s announcement that Havering will receive £3.2 million, to support vulnerable families with the cost of living.

The funding for Havering is part of an £842m package, made available to councils across the UK from April 1st 2023. Local authorities, such as Havering, will be given discretion on exactly how the funding will be used.

Councillor Taylor has welcomed the funding announcement and said that the money needs to go directly to those in need.

“This money could prove a huge help to Havering families, as long as it is distributed properly. It must go directly to those most in need”.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions the expectation is that the fund should be use for those most in need, particularly those who may not be eligible for other government support. Suggestions include help with energy bills, food and water costs, or housing costs.

Cllr Taylor said “I’d like to see the money reach those who are having to choose between food and fuel. By focusing on those claiming employment support allowance, free school meals, or pension credits, Havering Council would be using the money wisely”.

In 2022, Havering Council came under fire for using a similar fund to make payments of £17 to those in higher rate council tax bands.

“£400k was wasted last year, making miniscule payments that would hardly be noticed. It was given regardless of people’s income. Even some councillors received a payment!” – Councillor Taylor said.

Taylor continued; “I called on the administration to use that money to give the poorest households larger payments, I hope we see that happen this time”.

The government has said that it will help council’s identify those most in need, by sharing data on Universal Credit, Pension Credit and other schemes.





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