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Our Priorities for St Edward's

In February's newsletter my colleagues and I outline our priorities for St Edward's. Having spoken to hundreds of residents over the past few months.

As your local Conservatives Action Team, we are proud to say that Romford is the place we call home! We care about our town and want the best for the residents who live here. As your local representatives, we will continue to make your priorities our priorities!

Over the past few months, we have spoken to hundreds of residents across the St. Edward’s Ward, which includes central Romford, Lower Mawneys and Gidea Park, asking what issues matter most to them.

We know that you will continue to hold us to account and we welcome that.

We will continue to fight for and deliver your priorities for Romford:

  • Keeping our streets clean – we will ensure regular street-cleaning, blitz-clean regular hotspots, enforce harshly on fly tipping and tackle those who litter our public spaces.

  • Protecting our green spaces – we will continue to invest in our incredible parks and open spaces, including Lodge Farm Park, Cottons Park and Raphael Park.

  • Protecting in-person services - so those who are most vulnerable can speak to a human, but introduce digital services for those who are able to fully use them.

  • Housing for local people - Havering’s social housing will go to Havering residents in need. Our system will give priority to those in our armed forces, veterans, working households and disabled residents.

  • Combatting congestion to get Romford moving – we will review traffic signals and blocked-up junctions.

  • Tackling speeding in your road – this can be achieved by exploring more traffic calming measures and working with the police to request more mobile speed-gun deployments.

We are already working on these and promise to continue fighting for you, all year round, not just at election time!

You can read more, about the work my colleagues and I are doing, in our newsletter by downloading it from the link below.

St Edward's February
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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