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My Pay: October 2022

My pay slip for October is much the same as any other month, to date. The payslips are below.

My basic pay, as a Councillor, was £867.67. I paid £173.60 in taxes meaning I had a take home pay of £694.07

This is my 5th month as a councillor and I have been paid a total of £4982.11 during this time. I have had £91.22 deducted as National Insurance and £996.40 in tax.

I have made no expenses claims. With regards to hospitality, I was a guest to the Romford Bowls Club annual dinner, where I had a smashing Sunday Lunch. I was also honoured with being asked to open the Havering Funding Fayre, run by the amazing team as Havering Volunteer Centre. Check out everything they do at

A hidden cost, to the taxpayer in all this, is my 'Employer's N.I Contributions'. Like all employers, Havering Council has to make National Insurance contributions for all its employees. Councillors are treated as employees and so Havering Council have paid £179.39 of this for 'employing me'.

It's this sort of hidden cost that is the reason for me publishing my pay.

In June of this year, I filed a Freedom of Information Request to find out the cost of N.I contributions. Havering Council paid £5382.76 of contributions in June 2022. Equivalent to nearly £65K a year.

As a Councillor I now sit on 4 committees, along with holding the post of Member Champion for the Voluntary Sector and being appointed to SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education).

My attendance record is at 100% with me being expected and present at 16 official committee meetings so far. This is the highest number of meetings attended by any councillor.

I did have to give my apologies for a SACRE meeting, which is not considered a Council meeting.

Don't forget, you can rate my performance as a Councillor. Click the link below to vote and leave feedback, anonymously if you wish.


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