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My Pay: May 2023

I'm late uploading this payslip as I was on holiday when it arrived.

There's nothing new on this payslip as it covers a period of time before I was elected as Chairman to the Places Committee. This new appointment comes with an additional payment of £7500 per year, before taxes. I'll cover that in my next payslip blog.

This payslip is also a new tax year, so the figures on the reverse will be lower than in March (they show tax paid etc.)

As usual, my salary for the month was £867.67. From this I was taxed £173.60. No National Insurance was deducted. However, Havering Council have paid £30.26 in N.I contributions so far, this financial year.

This is the second payslip of the new financial year and so my total pay for the year to date (YTD) is £1735.34. I have paid £347 in taxes. My total take home pay YTD is £1388.34



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