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My Pay: April & End of Year Taxes

This month, as well as publishing my pay slip, I am publishing my p60. The P60 shows my total income and taxes for the last financial year, for my position as a Councillor.

I believe this makes me the first UK politician to publish this information. I hope I am not the last.

So, what does the P60 show?

I was paid a total of £9320.46 for the last financial year. This is lower than the £10,412 allowance as I was elected 1 month into the financial year (which runs April to April).

I paid £1864 in income taxes. (19.9%.)

My entire allowance is taxed at the BR (basic rate) level. This is because I have a second, primary job, where I use the total of my tax free allowance. Therefore, none of my Councillor allowance is tax free.

You, the public, pay my allowance with your taxes. So I think you are entitled to see that I am paying mine.


April Payslip




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