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Homelessness Prevention Grant: A Letter

Following the news that Havering may face a 25% reduction in our Homelessness Prevention Grant, from central Government, I have written to our MP and Minister requesting that this is revisited.

A copy of my letter is below.

It went to Andrew Rosindell MP and Paul Scully MP (Minister for London and Minister of State (Minister for Local Government)



Dear Sirs

RE: Homeless Prevention Grant

I am writing following the news that, despite soaring levels of homelessness in Havering, our Homelessness Prevent Grant is subject to be cut. It is my ask that you urgently revisit this grant and ensure that Havering is equipped to end homelessness in our borough.

Covid had a devastating impact on our country and Havering was no exception. Since the pandemic, we have seen a growth in domestic abuse and a surge in people facing homelessness. Data from August 2022 shows 319 approaches to the local authority, the highest figure since April 2019.

This dramatic rise means that many families are facing a more than 6 week wait, temporarily housed in hotels or hostels across the borough. Vulnerable residents are falling through the cracks and their lives are at risk.

Councillors have recently been informed that our grant is facing an 8-25% reduction, at a time when the borough is already staring down bankruptcy. Rising inflation and a growing demand on our Adult and Social care budget means that Havering Council are having to find as much as £17m of savings in this year alone. We are on the edge and need your help.

As the Member Champion For the Voluntary Sector, I can say that we are not ready for the oncoming storm. Our voluntary sector heroes are already stretched, they are stepping in and filling the gaps where government cannot. They work tirelessly, they sacrifice admirably, but they cannot do everything.

With your support in ensuring we receive the correct Homelessness Prevention Grant, we will be able to prevent volunteer burnout and families on the street.

I know that cuts must be made, public spending has outstripped growth for too long. But the first to suffer must not be the most vulnerable.

In speaking to the Taxpayer’s Alliance, at Party Conference, the Chancellor reminded us that we need to be Compassionate Conservatives.

Please, show Havering that we are worthy of that title.

Kind regards.

Councillor David Taylor


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