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Did I just support Labour?

Havering Labour tabled a motion to declare a Climate Emergency in Havering.

I voted with the motion however, I used my speech to warn against the dangers of climate extremism. Such as LTNs and Climate Lockdowns.

Watch, or read my speech below.


Full Text

Mr Mayor.

Tackling climate change is bigger than our political divides.

It is an issue where we must put our party-political divides to one side.

Mr Mayor, this evening I will be support Labour’s motion to declare a Climate Emergency.

I do this because I agree with every word of the motion.

Mr Mayor, when thinking over this contribution I was tempted to invest time into outlining why I believe climate change is real and is made worse by human action.

I was then going to go into the science of isotopes, how they reveal that the current carbon spike is from fossil fuels and not natural causes such as volcanos.

But, Mr Mayor, people switch off when we talk science.

Instead, Mr Mayor, I will use my time to issue a warning.

Mr Mayor, I back the motion. However, I am warning against climate extremism and greenwashing.

Declaring a Climate Emergency is often used as a political tool to support extreme action that I believe causes more harm than good.

The pursuit of net-zero has caused a new problem. We’ve replaced smog with smug and we now have millions of people convinced they’ve done good because they now drive an electric car.

This rush to EV’s is an environmental disaster already happening. It is simply moving the pollution offshore.

Mr Mayor, your official car is electric.

It’s battery is full of precious metals. Toxic metals.

Metals, Mr Mayor, that are linked to child exploitation in Congo.

It takes 500,00 gallons of water to produce a ton of lithium. In the Andes, farmers are being left with no water for their crops. Lithium mines are poisoning rivers in Chile, Argentina, Nevada and Tibet.

Mr Mayor, I’d urge you to ditch the EV you have and to seek a greener alternative.

Mr Mayor, declaring a Climate Emergency must not be used to run headfirst into another disaster.

The demands of climate extremists have pushed governments into causing yet more harm.

We must not be encouraging the uptake of EVs. Exploitation Powered Vehicles.

No one can say they are helping the environment by driving around in an expensive car, powered by the slave labour on an African child.

Mr Mayor,

I have faith that Havering will not use the declaration of a Climate Emergency to justify foolishness.

We must not clog up our roads with LTNs and we must not pursue climate lockdown such as in Oxford.

Mr Mayor, I commend Havering Labour for bringing forward this motion and I look forward to seeing what plans Havering puts in place.


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