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Aklu Plaza Planning Update

The opening of Aklu Plaza, In Romford's market place, is one of the most voiced issues from our residents. As one of the most important retail sites in the town, it is attracting a lot of attention.

Before opening, the plaza owners voiced plans to operate the second floor as a large wedding venue accommodating 1500 people. Plans also included a food store on the ground and a mixed use first floor that included food stalls and a prayer room.

It was the wedding venue that attracted the most concern amongst those I spoke to. Residents were concerned over the noise impact, traffic impact and anti-social behaviour.

My colleagues and I wrote to the manager, before they opened and raised the following concerns over their proposal.

  1. I wanted to see a comprehensive Green Travel Plan

  2. 1500 people was too large

  3. They should ensure events finish on time and do not extend to late night, as this is a residential area.

The submitted plans, as drafted by Aklu Plaza, include;

  1. A comprehensive Green Travel Plan which highlights suitable links to public transport and a plan to manage parking.

  2. A capacity of just 500

  3. A closing time of 10pm

I believe that these plans are much more suitable for the market square and I thank Aklu Plaza for making these amends. As a candidate, I do not get to vote on planning matters.

This application is now in the hands of our planning officers and available for public consultation

Should you want to comment on the application, or to read it, you can do so at


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