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Press Release: Havering Backs Conservatives Plan For National Service


27 May 2024


60% of Havering Residents support the Conservatives’ plan to reintroduce National Service, according to a poll of over 1500 Havering Residents.


Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Rishi Sunak announced that the Conservatives would reintroduce National Service, if in government after the next election. The plans announced included options for 18yr olds to either experience a year of service in the armed forces, or to give up one weekend a month to volunteer in the community.

Examples of voluntary service included helping the NHS, blue-light services and charities. Miliary service would be a second option with those taking part learning logistics, cyber security and procurement.

The scheme would not force young people to take part in military service.

Following the announcement, there has been a mixed reaction. However, a majority of Havering Residents have indicated support for the scheme. A poll run by Councillor David Taylor, Romford, saw over 1500 residents respond with 60% supporting the proposals.

Councillor Taylor said;

“It is clear, from the Havering wide survey, that most residents are in favour of reintroducing National Service.

Rishi’s proposals modernise a scheme that was in operation over a generation ago, this time focusing on community participation through voluntary work. Alongside that, a year of learning cyber-security with the military would give our youth a competitive edge in this growing area of employment.

Asking 18yr olds to give up one weekend a month is not a large ask but could go a long way to reinforcing community cohesion. We could certainly benefit here in Havering”.


Following questions from residents, Councillor Taylor has said that he has not yet made his mind up as to whether the scheme would be a good idea. However, Taylor said, those opposing should put forward alternatives instead of just rejecting the plan.

“It is clear that we need to do something to encourage the next generation of Brits to give back to their community”, Councillor Taylor continued, “By taking part in voluntary work, the scheme will give young adults a sense of pride and belonging to where they grew up. That can’t be a bad thing. Those who oppose this scheme should outline how they would achieve that same result”.






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Further Comments:

View the poll on the Havering Community Facebook Page.

The 60% support was correct as of 15:30 on 27th May 2023.



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