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My Pay: October & November 2023

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I am now publishing these payslips two months at a time. Most of the information is exactly the same each month and it can take a good bit of time to get them up online. But, I remain committed to publishing each and every one.

My Hourly Pay

You may have seen that I recently posted a blog on Councillor attendance. I do this every 6 months or so and the responses usually fit into 1 of 4 catergories;

  1. Councillors do more than just turn up to meetings

  2. You're just doing this to make yourself look good

  3. You're just doing this to make others look bad

  4. It's great that you are doing this

Of course, those supportive of the idea outnumber those who criticise it.

But, reponse #1 is very important and something I caveat strongly in my article. This is because I produce an 'hourly rate' for Cllrs. It is calculated by taking then number of hours spent in meetings divided by the total pay awarded.

For the last exercise this came out at over £300 an hour.

Councillors obviously do more than just turn up to meetings. In most cases. But, I don't have access to that information. If you think your councillor is/isn't doing enough then let them know.

So, to my hourly pay, which I can more accurately calculate.

I allocate myself 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, for case-work. I can guarantee you that this is well and truly filled every time. So, I am hitting a minimum of 12 hours a week.

Since being elected, I have attended 44 official meetings. I estiamte each of these as being 2 hours long (for ease of calculation. Some are longer). So that's 88 hours of meeting.

88 hours of meetings

768 hours of casework (64 weeks)


*856 hours of 'councillor work' since being elected


Total pre-tax pay = £17,875.39

Hourly pay (pre-tax) = £20.88 (£16.39 post-tax)

October & November Pay

My pay remained identicial for both months, except for a 20p increase in my tax for November.

I was paid a total of £149.67 pre tax. £867.67 from my basic and £625.00 is from my role as Chairman of the Places Committee.

I paid £351.96 in August, including £53.36 in National Insurance.

This makes my take home pay £1140.71


My Payslips




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