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My Pay: March 2023

Recently, a few people have told me that they are bored of me talking about how I publish my pay slips. This means I have achieved something, I've normalised the idea of seeing it.

Whilst a number of Havering's career politicians continue to tell me that publishing it proves nothing, or that it's private, I believe that politicians need to go above and beyond in being transparent.

A big part of my wanting to be a Councillor, was to be able to bridge the gap between residents and their representatives.

My March payslip is below and is the 10th one that I have published.

For March 2023 I was paid an allowance of £867.67. £173.60 was paid in tax and £0 in National Insurance.

This made my take-home pay £694.07

Next month, I should receive an end of tax-year statement, from my role as a Councillor. I will publish this when it arrives.

If you believe more politicians need to be more open about their pay and expenses, why not write to yours.

It's simply not enough for people to just point to a website with a figure written on it. We should be seeing tax paid and receipts for expenses.

This is the people's money, they deserve to see where it goes.



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