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My Pay: July 2023

My July pay was my first to accurately reflect my increased income, due to my new position as Chairman of the Places Committee. This was because June included backdated pay.

The position of Chairman comes with an additional £625 a month, pre tax.

I was recently interviewed by Times Radio's Matt Chorley, about how I publish my payslips. You can watch that interview below.

My July Pay

My total pay for July, pre-tax, was £1492.67. This breaks down as;

- £867.67 for my role as a Councillor

- £625.00 for my role as Chairman of the Places Committee

I paid a total of £298.40 in income tax and £53.96 in National Insurance contributions. This makes my total deductions to be £351.76.

My total take home pay was £1140.91.

Earning the wage

I am acutely aware that this uplift in my wage makes me one of the highest paid Councillors, who isn't in the Cabinet (they get a total of £35,000 a year). As far as I'm concerned, it means I must also be one of the hardest working, most visible, and most engaged.

I want you, as residents, to hold me to account in my role as a Councilor and Chairman. This is why I have a permanent feedback survey running. Residents can rate me out of 10 (not on looks!), tell me where I need to do better, and give me positive feedback if they wish. I then publish this information on my blog (people remaining anonymous if they wish).

Please take the time to leave feedback.


My Payslip


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