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My Pay: February 2023

Apologies for being a bit late in publishing this month's pay slips.

As you may know, I champion the idea that Councillors should turn up and do the work that they are paid for. Controversial, apparently...

Being a Councillor isn't just the meetings in the Town Hall, there is a lot of work outside of that. If one choses to do well.

I, for example, also act as the Member Champion for the Voluntary Sector as well as sitting on the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

However, I believe attendance at the town hall is a good indicator of hard work. Particularly when it comes to Councillors who have agreed to sit on committees and don't turn up.

Case and point, the attendance records. I'll address these in another blog, but at present I have been to 96% of all meetings I was expected at.

My Pay:

As per the other months, my total pay was £867.67 before tax. I have claimed no expenses and have no special responsibility allowance.

I paid £173.40 in tax (20%), giving me a take home pay of £694.27.

My tax code is BR (Basic Rate), which means I get no tax-free allowance on this pay.

Year to date, I have been paid £8452.79. £1690.40 went in tax and £91.22 was paid in National Insurance. Havering Council have paid a further £239.91 in National Insurance contributions.

My latest pay slip is below.


Sorry for the potato quality of these images.

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