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My Pay: December & Jan '24

We're now at my 17th publishing of a payslip, with not a single one missed. I'll keep this up throughout my entire career as a politician (I hate that word). Why? Because you pay me, through your taxes.

Every employer knows what their staff take home, you should know what I get paid to work for you.

Last post I outlined my, roughly estimated, hourly pay for the role. I made it as being around £20.88 before tax. This is based on an average work week of 2 hours work a day and my meetings.

Jan is a much busier month, but I'll keep using the £20 figure for now.

Things are pretty much the same as every month, except that my tax has gone down thanks to the new tax cuts. This means I take home about £9 a month more.

December & January Pay

My pay remained identical for both months.

I was paid a total of £1492.67 pre tax. £867.67 from my basic and £625.00 is from my role as Chairman of the Places Committee.

I paid £351.96 tax in December, including £53.36 in National Insurance. In January I paid £342.87 in tax and £44.47 in National Insurance

This makes my take home pay £1140.71 in December and £1149.80 in January.


My Payslips


January 2024


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