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My Pay: August 2022

I continue to publish my payslip, for the role of being a Councillor.

It's my belief that politics is too murky, too much happens in the shadows, and too many people are in it for the perks.

This is why you, those I am elected to serve, deserve to see my exact pay.

My tax code reveals I have a second job, as declared on my Register of Interests. My wage slip shows the exact amount I take home.

This is the standard all politicians should hold themselves to.


I was paid a total of £867.67 this month. £173.40 went in tax, representing a rate of 20%, none of my pay from this role is tax free.

I was required to attend 3 meetings in the Town Hall in August:

- 10th August: Governance Committee

- 18th August: Strategic Planning

- 24th August: Governance Committee

On top of these meetings I also attended:

- Briefing on the new Integrated Care System

- Town centre walk with Street Cleansing Team

- Introduction to Citizen's Advice

- Fish and Chip dinner with local charity Communi-Tea Circle

- Ward Panel Meeting with Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Since election, I have been required to attend 9 meetings in the town-hall (the joint highest of any Councillor) and I have a 100% attendance record.


I am asking all politicians to follow my example and to publish their pay slip. If you agree with me, please sign my petition on the link below.



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