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What do I get paid?

During the election campaign, I promised to publish all my pay and expenses.

Some people told me this was silly as, technically, it was something that already happened. They weren't entirely wrong, you can find out my pay on Havering Council's website. In fact, the link to that is HERE.

But it's not exactly clear, is it? All you get is a sum telling you my allowance, £10,412. If you want to know more than that, you're going to have to dig a lot deeper. The same is true for finding out what our MPs are paid.

An independent body publishes all sorts of data on MP's pay. All MPs are on the same base salary, with many earning a top-up for taking on a role such as being a Cabinet Member or Chair of a committee. But this stuff can still be hard to find.

We have some level of transparency in UK politics, but it's time for #RadicalTransparency.

So, I am self publishing my own pay-slip from Havering Council. I think I may be the first UK politician to do this. I hope I am not the last.

What does my payslip show?

This payslip is for the period of 1st - 30th of June 2022 and was a total of £1511.43.

£643.76 of that was for the May allowance, which I didn't receive at the time as I was new in the payroll system.

I paid £302.20 in income tax and £91.22 in National Insurance. My tax code, at present, is 0T. That means none of my pay is 'tax free'. This will likely change next month as HMRC catch up and assign the correct code.

My total take home pay was £1118.01.

I made no expenses claims in the last two months. However I did receive two free tickets for the Langton's Gardens Summer Concert, worth £6 each.

Why am I doing this?

First, I believe in radical transparency. I am paid by you, the taxpayer, and it's your money going to my pockets. You deserve to know where it's going and how much I get.

Second, I want others to do the same.

If you are not one of my residents, living in St Edward's Ward Romford, please write to your local Councillor and MP and ask them to also self publish their pay.

I have started a petition to encourage others to do the same. Please sign and share this using the link below.

It's time for #RadicalTransparency in UK politics.

My Payslip is below.



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