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Ukraine Crisis Should Not Divide Havering Community.

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate use.


Following the reports that Russian Troops have entered Ukraine, Conservative Candidate David Taylor warns that the crisis should not divide communities in Havering.

With large numbers of Eastern Europeans, and Russians, in Havering, there is potential for division and tension between communities. Similarly, Taylor warns that there is a risk of anger toward local Russians.

“Havering is blessed with a diverse community, with many Eastern Europeans and Russians living here. In times of global tension, such as war, immigrant populations can be attacked and blamed for the actions of their home nation. Whether they support it or not. We must not let it happen”.

During the pandemic, when many world figures were suggesting the origins of Covid as being in China, the UK saw an over 1500% rise in reports of hate crimes against Asians. New racial slurs appeared and many in the Asian community felt stigmatised and in fear of being in public. Previous global conflicts have seen similar increases of hate directed at immigrants in the UK.

“Now is not the time for us to start attacking one another, using slurs, or blaming populations for the actions of their governments” – Taylor said. “I was shocked by the reports of Hate Crimes against Asians during Covid and I’m worried that the war in Ukraine will result in similar attacks on the Russian population. We must avoid this at all cost”.

“Just a month ago I, and others from across Havering, stood at the Holocaust Memorial and joined a vow to make sure genocide and hate are never ignored again. I will be praying for our Ukrainian population, wider Eastern European population as well as for our Russian population.”.

Taylor also warns that social media will be flooded with false-news and disinformation and advises people to look for ‘slow-news’, where journalists verify information before reporting.

“If you don’t recognise the news source, be mindful that you may be reading disinformation”.



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