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Condemning Local Extremists

In November, a month of remembrance for our fallen soldiers, the so called 'Patriotic Alternative' staged a series of photo-ops across Romford. These included one outside Romford Conservative HQ, another outside the newly opened Aklu Plaza and most sickening of all a third by the war memorial.

"We were not asked", their banner read. Their posts, on social, were accompanied by statements about Britain having too many Muslims and suggesting that 'indigenous Britons' would soon be extinct. Whatever 'indigenous Britons' is supposed to mean. Viking, Roman, Anglo Saxon, British Empire? Who knows.

As someone who views diversity as a strength, if done properly, I was deeply upset by these stunts.

Writing on Social Media platform, Nextdoor, I posted;

"Fascists in Romford. Yesterday a group, calling themselves 'patriotic' posed outside Romford Conservatives HQ and the town's war memorial.

Romford Conservatives is in no way affiliated with this group and we condemn their actions. Stating this, on Facebook, has lead to me being told that I'll loose votes from those who support the group.

So let me be clear. If you support the so-called 'patriotic' group then I don't want your vote. I'd rather be unelected than elected by racists.

To pose by our war memorial is sickening. 1.5m Muslims died in WW2. Tens of thousands of Indians died. My grandfather took a Nazi bullet to defend this nation. The man who runs the 'patriotic' group was on Channel 4 praising Hitler. I can think of nothing less patriotic than that.

Those 1.5m Muslims, the Sikhs, Jews, Poles and others who died for Britain are better patriots than this bunch. To repeat. I don't want your vote if you support that group. Thank you."

My comments were also covered by the Romford Recorder, in an article about the protests.

You can read the Romford Recorder post HERE.

David Taylor, press officer for Romford Conservative Association, described the protesters as “sick”, highlighting their decision to protest outside the town’s war memorial.


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