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An apology

On May 19th, I posted on social media with regards to the licensing committee.

In my post, I stated that I was horrified to hear of racist abuse received by a resident. The post is as below. I did not select the headline of the article.

My post was, in no way, intended to accuse Councillors Williamson or Summers of racism.

In response to a comment, I replied that I have no evidence that any Councillor was racist to [the applicant].

I apologise to Councillors Williamson and Summers for any distress that my post may have caused them. I have no reason to believe that either of them are racist and I am saddened that it was read as such. I believe them both to be fantastic councillors and, specifically, I have looked up to Cllr Williamson in his role as Cabinet Member for Regeneration. I admire their commitment to their communities and believe that they carry our their roles as well as any Councillor is able to.

Their residents are fortunate to have them as their representatives.

Racism is alive and well in Havering, we must fight it. It is not good enough to not be racist. We must be anti-racist. In my passion to be so, I may have mislead residents.

Similarly, I have no reason to believe that anyone at Havering Council or licensing were or are racist.

I ask for your grace in this matter and shall be more mindful of similar posts in the future, adding clarity in the main body of the post.

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